Why Choose Elysium Pool?

· We love Chia, our devs have also spent a lot of time patching up Chia pool reference code and are still working to improve it.

· Our Dev team is the 3rd largest contributor to patching pool reference code (As of 7/8)

· Our referral systems guarantee lower fees and you earn 5% more from people referred.

· We have open sourced everything we could, we believe in Chia as an opensource project.

· Elysuim pool runs on a 170,000kwh solar array

You Are Protected

  • We are heavily invested in Chia and have identified nearly every attack vector. We devised safe guards to shield the pool against these attacks.
  • Our pool databases are backed up off site daily for quick restoration.

In Development

· Advanced Pool Dashboard

· Stats Page Redesign (With Mobile App)

· Pool Code Updates & Fixes


· 0% Fees

· PPLNS Payout

Elysium is the Profitable Pool.

Elysium Pool’s 0.0% fees model makes us the most profitable Chia pool.

We would love to have you join Elysium Pool, but we recommend everyone find a growing pool and help them reach 5 PB. At current network size, 5 PB allows a pool to win on average 1 time daily. Afterwards, start a new NFT with another growing pool and help them reach 5 PB. The point of Chia is to be decentralized and not have everyone join the biggest pool. Some new Chia miners may think the bigger the pool, the more they may get paid, but that is not the case. Below is a link with some data to show you that most pools pay about the same with minor percentage point differences based on your farms performance.